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The spring over South East Asia:

The skies of the spring were brightly lit. The sacred hour is approaching, Almighty ALLAH, the most compassionate in his infinite mercy was sending down to the earth, his blessed SARKAR YA KADIR who was destined to Instill FAITH (Islam) & Propagate THAREEKATH (Mystic Order) and The Unity of Allah in the Indian sub-continent and the adjoining countries. “Some people will be born in my descendants, their ranks will that of the Prophets who come before me” – it seemed as if these words of Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam) are glistering like a rainbow in the skies of wisdom.

It was 21-August-1504, 10th Jamath-ul-Akhir Friday morning of Hijri 910 when Hazrath Kuthub-ul-Akthab Fardh-ul-Ahbab Kuthub-ul-Majeed Fardh-ul-Wahid Syedina Syed-us-Shadath Shahul Hameed Syed Abdul Kadir SARKAR YA KADIR   – YA KADIR VALI – NAGORE ANDAVAR (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) is born in the Holy Town Manikpur, India. The birth place itself was filled with the Noble Souls of Prophets, Angels and Enlightened ones, who’s Halos and Spiritual presence could be felt by those persons who were present at the auspicious occasion.

This makes the beginning of a New Era of self awakening self-knowledge, piety and truthfulness in the religious history of India. This is the rising of “Morning Star” of Hope and Guidance.

The night having passed thus, Prophets Hilur (Alaihivassalam) & Eliyas (Alaihivassalam) visited the abode of Hazrath Bibi Fathima. Hazrath Hilur (Alaihivassalam) took the child and recited Adhaan (The call of the prayer) and then named him “ABDUL KADIR”. After this, Prophet Eliyas (Alaihivassalam) took the child and repeated the name “ABDUL KADIR” thrice and they disappeared.

The above said holy town Manikpur is 100 Kilometers away from the famous city of Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh. The founder ruler of Sulthan Feroz Shah Thuglak gathered the descendants of the intellectuals from the nook and corner of the world, into Ayodthia town. The sacred town situated in between the rivers Ganges ad Jamuna was a fit place for contemplation and for meditation.

One of the migrated families was of Hazrath Syedina Syed Hasan Baghdadi (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) who had come from Baghdad. He was the 5th lineal descendant of Hazrath Syed Muhaiyadeen Shaik Abdul Kadir Jeelani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), the foremost of the saints. The 5th descendant of Hazrath Syedina Syed Hasan was Hazrath Syed Hasan Kudhus (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) who happened to be the father of our Sarkar Ya Kadir  .

Manikapur - Kadir Vali's parent's Mazar Shariff is in Manikapur in U.P.


Hazrath Hasan Kudhus (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was well versed in religious matters and had a very good character. He married a beautiful and pious woman called Bibi Fathima. Every night they recited the Holy Quran and gave honor and glory to Allah.

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In Hijri year 909, when Bibi Fathima was asleep on a particular night, she had a dream in which an old holy man appeared before her and said, Fathima, you will be blessed by Allah. In this holy night a Holy Saint, the future savior and captain of Islam will be convinced in you. After hearing these words mother Bibi Fathima praised Allah and asked who he was, the old man replied. ”I am Hilur (Alaihivassalam)” (Prophet-Messenger) and then disappeared. Eventually Bibi Fathima wake up and informed her husband about that happy Divine Message. They were very grateful to Allah. And both of them filled with Bliss were at the thought that they were going to be the parents of a divine Son.

This is Mazar Shariff of Hz. Syed Hasan Kuddus Sahib ( R.A)

This is Mazar Shariff of Hz. Syed Hasan Kuddus Sahib ( R.A)

When our Sarkar Ya Kadir   3 month in his mother’s womb, his bed-ridden father was despaired of life. One day when the illness was at very critical stage, a shrill voice was heard from within the body of Bibi Fathima, Dear mother! You need have no fear about my father’s life. He will be cured today itself”. To surprise of all on that day Hazrath Hasan Kudhus (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) recovered his Health.

When our Sarkar Ya Kadir   was only 6 months in his mother’s matrix, the mother sighted a person with a Halo of light and beauty that saluted and gave tidings that Allah had chosen her for a special favor. The person was none other than Prophet Hilur (Alaihivassalam) himself.

Mazar Shariff of Hz.Syed Hasan Kudus Sahib( R.A )

Mazar Shariff of Hz.Syed Hasan Kudus Sahib(R.A)

The Prophet Messenger told the mother that Allah had willed that this child of her should be a “Wali” (saint). He also stated that the child should be named “ABDUL KADIR” The vision of Hazrath Hilur (Alaihivassalam) was seen just a minute prior to the (past midnight prayer) Thahajath time. Exhilarated, she took the bucket to the well to collect water for ablution. When she lowered it into the well, the rope suddenly snapped and the bucket plunged into the water. For a moment she felt helpless. But an esoteric voice spoke “Dear Mother! The bucket filled with water is nearer to you”. The mother was rejoiced at it. Performing ablution with that water she finished her routine prayer.

Mazar Shariff of Hz.Syeda Bibi Fathima (R.A)

There was a terrible drought in and around Manikpur when our Sarkar Ya Kadir   was 7 month old in his mother’s womb. The people had to eat the foliage and grass roots in sheer desperation for their survival. One day a voice from the abdomen of Bibi Fathima was heard Dear parents! Don’t worry about this drought. If you take some food-grains and cook in a big vessel, you can satisfy your hunger with that food and also you can feed others. It will be enough for a day to all. The mother did as was told by her son every day. The parents and the people of Manikpur were without being hungry.

In the course of time, some robbers hearing about the prosperity of Manikpur came and looted the town and treated the people ruthlessly. The robbers were called” Majusis (The fire worshippers) and they entered the city and plundered it. At that time our Hazrath was only 9 months old in his mother’s womb, she was terribly afraid. The people withdrew into their houses and bolted the doors from within. At this time, the father of our Sarkar Ya Kadir   was praying to Allah, while Sarkar Ya Kadir  ’s mother was trembling with fear. She entreated Allah to save them from the Majusi robbers. Abruptly a youth got him out of her abdomen, without the knowledge of any one around her. This handsome heroic youth around with a sword jumped on to a horse-back and rode away in a split second. At that moment many heavenly warriors descended from the sky and every one conveyed Salaam to our Sarkar Ya Kadir   who as the chief ordered them to attack the robbers. They began fiercely attacking ravaging robbers. Fearing total annihilation, the remaining robbers retreated and kneeling before our Sarkar Ya Kadir   surrendering their arms and their loot, shed tears and begged for mercy and forgiveness. Our Sarkar moved with compassion, forgave the robbers upon the conditions that they should relinquish their misdeed and should on no account re enter the city in future. After this accomplishment Sarkar disappeared from the scene and got back to his destined place in his mother’s matrix.

Childhood Miracles:

Since his birth, our Sarkar performed several miracles. Diseased people were flocking towards the adobe of our Sarkar and went after getting their wishes fulfilled and their diseases cured. When our Sarkar was only a baby in the arms of his mother, one day a woman called Indhumathi is suffering from leprosy came to our Sarkar’s adobe. It was a chronic case. She appealed, “My God, if the child is a divine one then my disease ought to be cured”. What a miracle! Within a minute the woman’s disease was cured and the miraculous child of Syeda Bibi Fathima had cured the deadly disease of Indumathi. She was crying in joy and gratefulness.

Allah, in his mercy sends down some saints to the earth. They are called “Kuthub Zaman”. They realized themselves as well as the entire mystery of existence on the earth and in the world hereafter. With this characteristic, our Sarkar was born in the world there is no surprise that he who is the symbol of truth had knowledge of all the facts.

When our Sarkar was 15 months infant, there was a difference of opinion in fixing the first day of Ramadhan. Due to heavy clouds, the first moon could not be seen and the town people decided that there should be no beginning of the fast on that night. On that late night, mother Bibi Fathima was surprised to find her child, refusing to take milk contrary to the usual behavior. Bibi Fathima was perplexed at the behavior of the child. The infant refused to suck her breast. That was a clear indication that the fasting month had already begun.

It is beyond the capacity of a mortal to re-live the past in this material world, creating all the past events once again. But for the Almighty nothing is impossible.

One of the attributes of Allah’s is ‘Havariq-ul-Aadath’ the one who is capable of acting or creating events contrary to the usual behavior i.e. contrary to the law of nature. Ironically this happens to be one of the attributes endowed by the Almighty to our great Saint Sarkar Ya Kadir   Kuthub-ul- Akthab.

When our Sarkar was 4 years old, a man called Abdul Rahman Tajjairi came to our Sarkar and requested to remove his poverty. “Your poverty will not last forever it will change” said our Sarkar that those words emanating from the very depths of “Mulke Vilayah” i.e. the very birth place of causes.

Our Sarkar learnt Arabic, Persian languages from his grand father Ustad Syed Hameedudin in a nearby madarasa. From his school-hood our Sarkar followed the “Shareeath” (the Islamic code of conduct). He was very keen in performing the 5 time prayers. Allah fulfilled all the needs of our Sarkar who obeyed the biddings of Allah and who sacrificed himself to Allah.

One day returning from madarasa (arabic school) our Sarkar found his mother just then beginning the preparation of lunch. Sarkar said to his mother” O! Mother! I am in a hungry to go to school. Almighty Allah who gave food to all the creatures can give me the food. So please open the cooking vessel”. Mother opened the vessel. What a miracle! The prepared food was there. All praise is to Allah.

Almighty Allah has a way of sending his messages through the prompting of intuition (Eilham) to his Walis (saints) and also through Prophet Hilur (Alaihivassalam). Our Sarkar got the messages through Prophet Hilur (Alaihivassalam) till his demise.

Despite of his tender age at 4 years of our Sarkar was capable of realizing great truths. Even at this age he showed signs of great wisdom, intense piety and divine communion. When he was 5 years old, one day he sat under a tree of shady foliage in a contemplative mood. He raised his eyes there stood an old “Fakir” with a flowing beard and long robes just in front of hither old man gestured our Sarkar to open his mouth and spat into it thrice, the old man did so, blessing our Sarkar with the words, “Let all powerful Allah fill you with knowledge and wisdom’. After this our Sarkar asked the blessing Fakir who his was. The answers were that he was the Prophet Hilur (Alaihivassalam) himself.

Our Sarkar was well versed in reciting the complete Holy Quran at the age of 8. He learnt Arabic dialect and its grammar. He grasped the esoteric meaning of Quaranic verses. He comprehended many secrets of mysticism by listening to reputed scholars.

Being an expert in religious knowledge, he could explain with great clarity the golden sayings of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-alaihivassalam) and make decision on intricate religious questions. He could perform 1000 “Rakhat” prayer in one night. His thoughts, words actions were directed towards the way of Allah. He mortified his body in the path of Allah. The leisure time he was able to spare either at night or day, was set apart for serving his parents.

At the age of 18, our Sarkar was thirsting for more and more mystic knowledge. So he got out of his abode seeking a lonely place to sit for meditation and for contemplation. A heavenly voice was heard which directed him to choose for himself a spiritual preceptor. Taken by surprise he looked around, there was no human being nearby. It convinced him that what he heard was a voice from the heaven. This occurred in the year Hijri 928. He returned home. Contemplating the ideal mood of life on the earth and also the advantages of following the paths of “Shareeath” and “Thareekath” he concentrated his mind in meditation.

His desire to know Allah was increasing. He realized the necessity of a Spiritual Master (Shaik -Guru). He sought the permission of his parents to go in search of a Spiritual Master.

His parents gave their permission even though they felt sad that he would be going away from them at their old age. They directed their son to go to Gwalior which was well known as the adobe of Spiritual Masters. And our Sarkar kissing the feet of his Father and Mother took leave and proceeded. He left Manikpur on 928th Hijri Jamath-ul-Akhir Monday night. Traversing tracts of land our Sarkar was preceding in the direction of Gwalior 400 kilometers for away from Manikpur.

The Search of Guru:

He traveled in the direction of Gwalior without money or luggage of company in search of truth. On his way Sarkar met another traveler, namely Moinudin. Both were traveling with great zeal towards Gwalior. On the way both had to cross a thick jungle where a group of fierce tigers appeared before them. Gazing the serene face of our Sarkar, one of the tiger crouched before him and quietly followed them. The Moinudin was much afraid but our Sarkar reassured him. After a few minutes walking, the tiger gazing at the graceful face of the sage beckoned by its gesture wishing him to ride on its back. Our Sarkar declining its plea said that he was going in quest of knowledge. Despite his refusal the tiger followed him as he walked away as far as the very edge of the forest.

Moinudin was astonished at this our Sarkar spoke “By this incident, we learn that if we have faith in Allah and obey him, all the creatures of Allah will obey us The Holy Quran also teaches us the same principle”. They continued their journey.

After crossing the treacherous jungle, our Sarkar and his comrade Moinudin were advancing in the direction of Gwalior. On the way our Sarkar and Moinudin came across a band of marauders. The chief asked what the two travelers had in their possession. Our Sarkar stated that they possessed nothing but Allah. At this the chief’s cheeks turned red and he threatened them with violence. Then the robbers began attacking our Sarkar and Moinudin with their swords. Instead of causing injuries to our Sarkar and his colleague, the swords injured the very persons who wielded them. Their own arms mutilated, the robbers cried in pain and anguish.

After hearing their cries, the relatives of the robbers rushing to the spot, and relishing the serious nature of the situation, begged for forgiveness for the culprits. Our Sarkar was moved with pity and prayed to Allah to restore the mutilated arms to the proper place. It happened so. Our Sarkar taught the good ways and the doctrines of Islam to those people and pursued their journey.

On the way, they had to cross a river. Finding no boat, our Sarkar walked over the water and crossed the river. Seeing this, an impudent magician called Najimudin who was quite well versed in tantric practices tried to stop him from crossing by creating a storm by his magic. The storm did not have the desired effect. On the contrary there was a sudden growth of horn on the magician’s head. After relishing the divine Power of our Sarkar the magician came and begging pardon. Forgiving the magician our Sarkar taught the divine ways to him and he made the horn disappear from his head.

On reaching Gwalior, our Sarkar settled down in an old mosque in the outskirts of the city. His companion Moinudin took leave and entered into the city to meet his master Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). Our Sarkar spent his time in prayers and meditation in that mosque.

Our Sarkar & His Spiritual Master:

Gwalior is one of the cities in Madhya Pradesh, India. Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse Guwaliri (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) who lived in Gwalior was an eminent scholar, realized saint and a spiritual master. He was born on 906 Hijri at Nishapur in Persia (Iran).He was one of the descendants of Hazrath Imam Hussain (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). His father was Hazrath Syed Khahirudeen (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). He had Hazrath Shaik Luhoore Haji Huloore (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) the famous religious preceptor as his spiritual master. After being initiated by his preceptor into the ways of “Thareeqath”, he devoted his entire life time in contemplation and in teaching the esoteric practices to his chosen disciples and religious knowledge to others. Almighty Allah honored him with the title “Ghouse”. He was the guide of right path and the builder of spiritual schools. He was the author of quite a number of books on religion and philosophy. He had his own school where a few chosen disciples had to undergo rigorous spiritual practices under his personal guidance and supervision. One of the well known books written by Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse Guwaliri (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) is “Jawahir-ul-Hamsa”.

Our Sarkar was performing his prayer, observing fast in that old mosque. He uttered a special prayer. He was in an ecstatic mood and uttered, “My lord, kindly led me along the right path. Kindly guide me to the right spiritual master and preceptor who enjoys your grace and mercy. The burning desire of mine is to be a beneficiary of your benevolence “He continued to be in this state of mind.

One day our Sarkar after performing his “Subuhu Prayer” in a solitary place sat in meditation, at that time a heavenly voice heard. “O Shahul Hameed! We accepted your prayers’. All the secrets of both the worlds here (this world) and hereafter were revealed to him. He saw the figure of his Shaik – Guru (Spiritual Master) Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse Guwaliri (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) in the mind’s eye. The voice added, “Allah blessed you with the title, “Shahul Hameed”. There is a Shaik (Guru) called Muhammad Ghouse in this city. He is immersed in mystic thoughts and religious knowledge. He is expecting your arrival. Meet him and seek his blessings”. On hearing these words our Sarkar rushed in to the city. Exactly at this time, Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was also informed the news about the arrival of his would-be disciple he gathered is disciples and said “Dear sons! A lad named Abdul Kadir Shahul Hameed is coming to our residence. He is one of the great grandson of Hazrath Syedina Syed Muhaiyadeen Abdul Kadir Jeelani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). He is “Khuthub-ul-Akthab” and “Ghoudh-ul-Islam”. Allah has bidden me to accept him as my disciple and teach him the spiritual matters. We shall all go now and receive him”. He set forth to welcome our Sarkar, with his disciples.

The meeting took place on the way. Our Sarkar kissed the feet of his Shaik. The Shaik blessed his disciple and took him to his residence.

Our Sarkar lived in his Shaik’s residence. A room, with two servant maids, was allotted to our Sarkar. The spiritual master admitted our Sarkar into a special spiritual circle. Many students of the school and intellectuals were introduced to him. Sarkar was pleased to meet Moinudin who had been his companion during his journey while crossing the forest near Gwalior.

One day Shaik Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse Guwaliri (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) called our Sarkar to his side and enquired what had been his dominant objective in coming to him. Our Sarkar stated that he was seeking for a preceptor and had come to the father of his soul. To be imbued with his thoughts and ideal, to be inspired by his personality, to listen raptly to his teachings and preaching’s, to be master minded by his good-self, his guru was very much pleased. As concession to our Sarkar, the guru set apart a special dais for his meditation, contemplation and for spiritual exercises.

While Sarkar was progressing in his spiritual practices one Friday night, his spiritual Shaik followed by his disciple went to meet our Sarkar who had been seated on his special dais. Our Sarkar had completely forgotten his ego and the world around him. There was a Hollow around him. In that state of spiritual exaltation, our Sarkar had many a splendor scenes flashed to him. The sheikh was pleased at this pleasant sight.

Our Sarkar was in a state of euphoria. He had the privilege of meeting the Noble souls of Prophets and great saints. One among those was his forefather the foremost of all the saints Hazrath Kuthub Rabbani Syed Abdul Kadir Jeelani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). He kissed the forehead of our Sarkar appreciating his Spiritual Excellency. These eminent souls were engaged in prayer. Our Sarkar was asked to lead the prayer by Hazrath Kuthub Rabbani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).Out of respect and reverence, our Hazrath politely declined. But Kuthub Rabbani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) insisted and the congregation prayer was led by our Sarkar. Some of those present in the congregation were Hazrath Aba-Yazid-Bisthami (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Ibrahim Ibn Adhaham (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Abayezeedul Mubarak (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Shihabudeen Suhravardhi (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Fulail Ibn Eyal (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Hasan-ul-Basiri (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Abdul Kassim-ul-Junaidhiyi (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) Hazrath Khwaja Moinudin Chisthi Garib Nawaz (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), Hazrath Khwaja Kuthubudeen Bakthiar (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), and Hazrath Abdul Hasan Nizamudeen (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

After the prayer was over, Hazrath Kuthub Rabbani Syed Abdul Kadir Jeelani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) addressing our Sarkar stated, “The foot prints of mine are on yours. In succession your foot print are going to be marked on the shoulders of the fortunate lot of thee present generation. Almighty Allah was willed this”. The Prophet Hilur (Alaihivassalam) Appeared. Conveying Allah’s blessing to out Sarkar would live in the memory of all peoples as the universe had its existence.

One day Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) narrated this incident to his disciples. Some of the disciples had misgivings and expressed their doubt about the possibilities of this incident. The Shaik spoke enlightening them “My dear sons, the mystery of this youth is beyond your intellectual comprehension. He is the descendant of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam).With such an ancestry behind him, the whole world is going to be influenced by him. Many a soul is listening to him. This is a miracle in which is sure to happen and the whole world is going to witness it little by little”. Those who had disagreed realized the truth.

The wife of the Shaik desired to give her daughter in marriage to our Sarkar .She send two maid servants to read his mind. Our Sarkar flatly refused the offer. Later on knowing this incident the sheikh rebuked his wife for such behavior on her part.

Gwalior - Hz. Mohamed Ghouse (R.A)

Gwalior - Hz. Mohamed Ghouse (R.A)

Our Sarkar studied and learnt “Kadiriya” & “Chisthia” Thareekas as from his own spiritual master. He was also well versed in the teachings of several other important mystic orders. The spiritual master spoke to his spiritual son “Dear Shahul Hameed, it is only natural in the order of things that you should get interested in the worldly matters too. It is also proper according to the law of “Shareeath’ that you should get married in order to fulfill the will of Almighty Allah. Thus becoming an instrument to his will of bringing forth a male issue’. Our Hazrath answered politely, ‘My great Master! You are wiser than me. You are capable too of comprehending how it was that the great Eisa (Alaihivassalam) (Jesus) was gotten from Hazrath Mariyam (St. Mary) besides the miraculous nature of the birth of Jesus has been Allah’s design. It is not easy for us human being to study the ways of Allah. All glory to be Allah” Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) agreed.

Mazar Shariff of Hz.Mohamed Ghouse (R.A)

Mazar Shariff of Hz.Mohamed Ghouse (R.A)

With the permission of the Shaik our Sarkar began to make preparation for departure to his home town. Our Sarkar lived with his spiritual master for a decade. On the eve of our Sarkar’s departure, his Shaik, his family and his disciples unable to control their emotions shed tears. Then the sheikh gathered 404 of his disciples and bade them to accompany our Sarkar. Moinudin, Ebrahim, Muhammad Hasan and Muhammad Hussain were some of them.

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Miraculous Bowl (Khisti):

On his way home, our Sarkar was seated with his disciples. There came a man and women of extreme old age. They beckoned our Sarkar. Our Sarkar got up from his seat and walked for a little distance to meet them. They greeted him and conveying Salam him and spoke, “Our dear son Shahul Hameed, the world is to be brightened with the glow of your

Miraculous Bowl (Khisti)

Miraculous Bowl (Khisti)

erudition and wisdom. Allah will guide you safely. Hence tread on your chosen path and attain the ultimate divine bliss”. Presenting him with miraculous bowl they disappeared. Our Sarkar walked back to his seat. He sat motionless, lost in thoughts. Moinudin enquired who those strange persons were. He was also curious to know about the BOWL – KHISTI that our Sarkar was holding in his hand. Our Sarkar explained that it was a miracle which would supply sufficient food for all of them. He added that the persons that had appeared were no other then Adam and Hawwa (Alaihivassalam) (Adam and eve).

Photo 7

When our Sarkar entered his native, the whole town preceded by his father received our Sarkar and his 404 students with greatest enthusiasm. Now they allotted a private garden for the stay. As our Sarkar was now resting at this place he spent his time in teaching ethics to his students and also to each and every citizen. Finding that his disciples has abundantly learnt from his teachings and were well up on their ways of living, he classed them under several “Thariqas” namely Kadiriya, Chisthia, Shuthariya and Suhravarthia. Realizing the necessity of leaving his mission under the control of Kalifas, he appointed four celebrities as his representatives. The spiritual dominance of our Sarkar had been such that numerous savages were reformed and were brought into the Islamic way of living.

Our Sarkar was now 28 and he was still a bachelor. His parents strongly felt that it was the right time for him to get married .Without consulting him; they chose a highly cultured bride from an ancient noble family and fixed the date for the marriage. Our Sarkar spent his time mostly in hermitage. After days of solitude and meditation, he found that there was an elaborate and colorful arrangement for his wedding. On enquiring his parents they informed him about his marriage. They pleaded that they should have an offspring of his for the continuity of the hereditary family line and with that object in the view; they had made arrangement for his marriage. This was not liked by our Sarkar. He stated that he had disowned all the earthly desires and had his heart wholly devoted to Allah. There could be no place in it for a lady. He had no other choice but to discard wed lock. So saying, he cast a scornful look upon the wedding pandal which at once caught fire and burn into ashes. After this incident, our Sarkar told his parents and relatives that if Allah had according approval for his marriage, he could not have caused that bonfire, and so it was clear that Allah’s wish were otherwise.

After few days our Sarkar approaching his parents and relatives got their permission and their blessings for his pilgrimage to Makkah. As they abide farewell to our Sarkar that the Sarkar should pray for their souls and good ethical conduct and spiritual life.

Miracles (Karamath) of Our Sarkar:

While continuing his journey, one day our Sarkar was passing through a forest, a savage appeared before him and paid homage. Our Sarkar asked if he wanted anything from him. The savage answered “I have been living in the forest for the past 120 years. There is a cave in the mountain. There lived an aged hermit inside a cave day and night he is engaged in deep penance and even he breathes is not, may I request your good self to come and make him up from his trance”. Our Sarkar consented and walked into a cave, leaving his disciples behind. Our Sarkar whispered a few words into a hermits ear resuming his breathe the hermit opening his eyes, embraced our Sarkar and set, “our dear Sarkar 400 years ago your wholly image appeared in my vision. It was shining with divine light. Such being your divinity I appealed to Allah I knew that if I took my abode in this mountain and observe penance, my desire would be realized. It is with this objective, I have been spending much of my lifetime in this cave. Now that you are before me, I felt my desire wholly gratified. Within few minutes, I am going to give up my soul I grave the benediction of being buried by your holy hands”. Having spoken these words, the hermit died and our Sarkar, after giving him his desired burial left the cave.

Proceeding with this plan of travel, our Sarkar sojourned in several places, cities and states propagating “The faith”. Then he visited Palva city. The king of that city hearing of his fame gave him a warm welcome. He entreated our Sarkar to cure his only son’s disease. Our Sarkar converted them into Muslims according to their wishes. Then sprinkling some water by his holy hands he cured the boy’s disease.

Ziyarath of Hazrath Khwaja Garib Nawaz (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu):

Ajmer Shariff

For a long time the thought of paying a visit to the holy shrine of Hazrath Khwaja Moinudin Chisthi (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was uppermost in the mind of our Sarkar. The right time had come. The news of our Sarkar’s arrival to Ajmer spread like wild fire. The residents of Ajmer accorded a warm welcome to him.

Our Sarkar proceeded to the Rowla Shariff (shrine) of Hazrath Khwaja Moinudin Chisthi (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) and stood still rapt in reverence at the entrance. When he was so engrossed, the doors of Rowla Shariff flung open automatically. In a state of euphorbia, our Sarkar walked in. The doors closed behind. For 3 days, he was within the sacred premises. After performing the memorable “Ziyarath”, he left Ajmer and proceeded further.

Photo 8

He was moving in the direction of the holy city of Makkah on pilgrimage. As they progressed, our Sarkar was preaching Islam on his way. Whenever occasions arose, our Sarkar was prompt in performing miracles to help the needy, the sick and the poor.

At one time, our Sarkar was camping at the foot of a mountain. One of the disciple’s camels was stolen, slaughtered and eaten by a gang of mountaineers. Though the disciples were upset, our Sarkar was unperturbed. He collected the remnant bones and fleshes of the slaughtered animal and uttered a word of command in the name of Allah. In an instance there was resurrection. She stood the live camel just in front of him. At the sight of this, the thieves surrendered and repented for their sins. On their own accord they embraced the Islamic faith.

Our Sarkar & Kazi Noordeen of Lahore:

The next leg of his journey began with this triumphant entry into the city of Lahore (now in Pakistan). Knowing about the fame of our Sarkar Lahoreans accorded a warm welcome to our Sarkar and his followers. They arranged accommodation in a mansion besides providing food and other daily requirements.

It was during his stay in Lahore, the inhabitants realized the presence of a great saint amongst them. This led to re-awakening of moral sense among them “Ishqu-e-Haqiqi” was kindled in their hearts eventually led them to the very gateway of paradise “Jannath-ul-Firdouse”. Lepers were healed, those who were in suffering received help. His fame spread far and wide. People from all of the land flocked to him for getting his blessings.

In the city there was a man of abundant wealth, named Kazi Syed Noordeen Mufti. He was a descendant of Syedina Abubacker Siddique (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu)the first caliph of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam).This Noordeen Mufti had realized the worth and the greatness of our Sarkar. He had a meeting with our Sarkar when he was all alone. He made use of this opportunity to express his burning desire to our divine master. So long he had not been blessed with an offspring. He entreated our Sarkar to pray to Allah for him so that he could be blessed with a child. Very emotional, reasonable and noble, our Sarkar sat in contemplation.

As he was lost in contemplation, the presentiments of his spiritual preceptor Hazrath Muhammad Ghouse (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) that it was Allah’s will that our Sarkar had to become the father of a child looked large in his mind’s eye. Our Sarkar asked the mufti to meet him after the ‘Isha’ prayer. The meeting took place at an appointed time. Addressing Mufti our Sarkar said “Dear Noordeen, Allah in his infinite mercy would bless you with a son. And there after four male children and one female child will be born. The first male child should be handed over to me as he happens to be my son in a mysterious way. The ways of Allah are beyond the scrutiny of men”. Rejoicing at his words, Mufti Noordeen agreed to abide by the instruction of our Sarkar.

Then he was directed by our Sarkar to be present along with his wife and her servant before our Sarkar the next day at an appointed time. They kept their appointment accordingly. At that hour of the day, our Sarkar having performed his usual ‘Isha’ prayer in a relaxed mood and received three eager persons and they took their seats.

Kazi Noordeen’s wife Bibi Zohra took her seat at a distance behind curtain. Some betel, areca nut and parings were brought to him as directed by our Sarkar. He put them into his mouth and began to chew. As the chewing began, his facial expression began to undergo radical changes.

There was turning, twitching and wriggling of his Holy person as if there were an attempt to enter into the world of causes, the very birth place of events that take place in the physical world (Alam’e Jabaruth).To an outside observer, it was explicit that he had taken his place (maqam) in vacuum. As there was levitation, his holy body appeared to float in space defying the gravitational pull of the earth.

The mood of relaxed concentration had led to Spiritual Ecstasy. The impossible becomes possible at this ‘State’ miracles pour out at this very ‘State’. The pure spirit of “Valiye Mulke Vilayath” Halrath-e-Kadir Vali – our Sarkar had merged into ‘The one’ losing his separate identity (fanafillah).

An few minutes after this sort of exhalation, our Sarkar collecting the betel along with saliva from his mouth gracefully handed it over to Mufti Noordeen asking him to pass in on to his wife Bibi Zohara, who was seated behind the curtain. Bibi Zohara accordingly swallowed the stuff with relish and immense faith. Then our Sarkar remarked that the first born would be a male child and instructed that the child be named Syed Muhammad Yusoof which happened to be name of our Sarkar’s late elder brother.

The new born would be able to recite the Holy Quran within his fifth year. In his seventh year, he would enquire about the whereabouts of his real father and also if that real father had left any gift with them for himself. By the way of pacifying the son, the parents should present him with the Miswak (The tooth brush) that our Sarkar had been using. Thus saying our Sarkar handed over his Miswak to Mufti Noordeen. If the son wanted to see his real father the parents were to send to him in the direction of Holy Makkah. He should travel all alone but sure he would reach his real father. After these were spoken, the wife of Noordeen and her maid servant were sent back to their house. But Mufti Noordeen was retained in our Sarkar’s abode for forty days. He was not allowed to leave the premises where our Sarkar was staying. On 40th day good news awaited Mufti Noordeen. He was delighted to hear that his wife was pregnant.

Our Sarkar stayed in Punjab state for some more days. During this period, he stayed in a mosque pre-occupied with “Mushahadha” (contemplation) and “Murakaba” (meditation). The king whose name was Hari Singh was suffering from leprosy and Queen whose name was Bal Singh was in a state of pregnancy for 3 years without the least possibility of giving birth to a child. Both approached our saint for curing their alignments. The saint prayed to Allah to cure their diseases. He touched Hari Singh’s head and brought his hand downwards till it reached his chest. The king was cured. Later his wife delivered 4 male children.

Proceeding further in the western direction, our Sarkar reached West Asia and entered Khorasan. There he restored the sight of a blind man. Thus wherever our Sarkar went blessings from him showered in abundance on the people. There was a wealthy merchant named Sulthan Mahmood. He had no issue. His wife told him if they received the benediction from the visiting Sarkar Ya Kadir  , they would be blessed with child. Her husband could not believe her. He remarked that if the man referred to were really a saint, he should give life to the withered tree in the garden. The next morning the tree was green with leaves and blossomed shed at this miracle Mahmood came with his wife and asked pardon from our Sarkar for his misgivings. Our Sarkar was highly considerate and called them to his side and said, “You are all prone to all sorts of promptings and misgivings”. They repented and our Sarkar blessed them. Afterwards they begot one male child and two female children.

When our Sarkar was in meditation up in the mountains of Khorasan, he was thinking about his son Syed Muhammad Yusoof, who would have been born by that time at Lahore.

Our Sarkar arrived at the city of Balkh. This was the birth place of Moinudin one of the companions during his journey. He took leave from our Sarkar to visit his house. Returning with sad face, he regretted that he could meet his mother alive. Our Sarkar relishing the intense disappointment of Moinudin was moved with pity. He gave certain instructions to be followed and assured Moinudin that by the grace of Almighty Allah he would have a rare opportunity of meeting his beloved mother in a live situation. Accordingly Moinudin followed the instructions and had a vision of his beloved mother. He became satisfied.

Demise of Our Sarkar’s Father & Mother:

Our Sarkar stayed up in the mountains of ‘Jabal-ul-Adhaviyya’ there one night after finishing his ”Isha” prayer he gathered his disciples and said “My dear sons, My father is about expire next morning. Allah directs me to go to Manikpur to be at this bed side before the early morning and it is my desire that all of you should accompany me”.  From that place Manikpur was at a distance of a month’s travel by foot and covered the whole distance within one night. When our Sarkar arrived at his native place his father had only a few minutes left before bidding farewell to this world. And at the time of dawn the father of our Sarkar, Hazrath Syed Hasan Kudhus (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) bade farewell to the world and around his soul ascended to heaven. The demise of our Sarkar’s father occurred on Hijri 949 Jamath-ul-Avval 5th day

After the 5th day of her husband’s demise our Sarkar’s mother Bibi Fathima also followed her husband and her earthly existence came to an end. She expired on Hijri 949 Jamath-ul-Avval 10th. The Sarkar stayed at Manikpur for 40 days and did the rituals.

Sarkar & Pseudo-Yogies:

After the demise of his father and mother our Sarkar proceeded in the direction of Makkah. On the way he reached the delta of Sindh. Here he saw two pseudo yogis displaying their pride and arrogance by flying in the sky. Our Sarkar removed his wooden sandals and threw into the sky. This pair of sandals darted towards those sacrilegious magicians and hitting directly at their heads brought them down to the earth. Our Sarkar advised them to get rid of their pride.

Kadir Vali's Sandals in Golden Case

The king of the town too did not let our Sarkar free. He wanted to kill our Sarkar. He invited our Sarkar to a dinner party and gave poisonous food to him. Our Sarkar began eating reciting “Bismillah”. The poison did not have any effect upon him. Instead the poison taken by our Sarkar caused the death of the vicious king himself. The queen asked our Sarkar for pardon and begged to restore her husband’s life. Taking pity on her, our Sarkar restored him to life.

When our Sarkar was touring Sindh region a carpenter came to our Sarkar and requested to cure his chronic stomach pain. Our Sarkar healed his pain. As a mark of gratitude the carpenter was making a pair of sandals for our Sarkar. He heard the news that our Sarkar was just about to leave the town. He took the pair to Sarkar as his offerings without the upper knobs. But our Sarkar placed his feet on the wooden sandals and walked on.

Photo 9

Hand witten Quran Shariff by Kadir Vali

Hand witten Quran Shariff by Kadir Vali

From Sindh our Sarkar came to Gwalior and paid his respects to his spiritual preceptor Hazrath Syed Muhammad Ghouse (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) who received him warmly. The spiritual master was keeping him, his “Magnum opus’ entitled JAWAHIR-UL-HAMSA. This hand written classic, he whole heartedly presented to his disciple Shahul Hameed (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

Photo 10

The Holy Pilgrimage:

Leaving Gwalior our Sarkar left on the pilgrimage to Makkah. He traveled by a boat with his disciples. Our Sarkar arrived at Jeddah port, where he was once again blessed by the very first parents Adham and Havva (Alaihivassalam). He walked for 3 days all the time reciting “Thakbir” and set foot on the sacred soil of the Holy City Makkah.

In Makkah he performed all the conventional religious rites of the Hajj with great piety. Many months he lived there. Our Sarkar had stayed at a place where his grandfather Hazrath Syed Muhaiyadeen Abdul Kadir Jeelani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) had stayed during his pilgrimage at Makkah. Our Sarkar went to ‘Jannath-ul-Mualla’ and visited the shrines of Bibi Khatija (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) the beloved wife of our Prophet (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam) and Hazrath Khwaja Usman-ul-Harooni (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu), the spiritual master of Hazrath Khwaja Garib Nawaz (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

After completing Hajj our Sarkar proceeded to Madina Al Munawara. The very sight of the shrine was a thrill and joy for our Sarkar. Our Sarkar moved towards the Holy Shrine and kissed the silken curtain. He conveyed his Salam ‘Assalamu Alaikkum’ and was at once blessed with the voice of our Prophet (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam) which said, ‘Vva-Alaiku Mussalam you are welcome my dear son’. Tears rolled along the cheeks of our Sarkar. He is in a state of extreme exaltation stretched his hands as a gesture of taking leave, he found his hand filled with fruits that were the favorite of Prophet (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam) himself. Then our Sarkar returned to Makkah and stayed there for 6 more years.

In Makkah during his stay, a man called Abdullah came and requested our Sarkar “My son Abdul Azeez who went on a voyage to distant lands had not yet returned from Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Denmark) He is my only son. There is no news about the boat too. Please pray to Allah for the safe arrival of my son and my boat”. Eight days later the son of Abdullah and his boat reached safely. Abdullah dedicated his boat and its goods our Sarkar as his offerings. After this incident, another man who lost his ship came and begged his help. Our Sarkar heard his request and gave the ship together with the deed, which was received from Abdullah. The man received it with joy.

Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib:

In Lahore Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was growing in the family circle of Mufti Noordeen. The couple fondled the boy. Before reaching the 5th year of his age the boy had learnt the Holy Quran by the heart. He was a studious boy. At the age of 7 he was well versed in religious matters. He was capable of quoting from the Holy Quran and from the sayings of our Prophet (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam).When he was 7 years old, one day, he was returning from the mosque after performing his “Asar” prayer. He heard a voice. “Dear Yusoof, your real father is now at Makkah and he is expecting your arrival”. Hazrath Yusoof looked around and found no one. He realized that it was a heavenly voice.

He returned to his parents and asked where his real father was. They assured him that they were only the real parents. The budding saint said, Dear mother, do not hide the fact. I saw the vision of my father in my dream. Please give me his ‘Miswak’. Atlast Noordeen and his wife realized the futility of concealing the true facts.And then Hazrath Yusoof searched the Miswak and got it from a wooden box. They were most reluctant to part with their beloved son. The pain was too much for them yet they had to abide by the wishes of our Sarkar and also they had to fulfill desire of Hazrath Yusoof (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was sent with the company of 4 servants. They also provided him with a riding horse and a bag of coins. He bade adieu to the parents. After traveling a little distance, our Hazrath put a halt to the journey. He got down from the horse back. Distributing the coin among the 4 servants, he ordered them to return home along with the horse he had been riding. He proceeded in the western direction all alone walking on the holy pilgrimage to Makkah. After facing many hardships during the journey the Hazrath Yusoof Sahib reached the sea-side of Sann’a (Yemen).

In Makkah our Sarkar was fully aware of where about of his son. When his son reached the seaside of Sann’a our Sarkar promptly dispatched two of his disciples to his son’s place with clear instructions. Our Sarkar bade his disciples to escort his son till he arrived safely in his presence.

Our Sarkar & Son:

Hand written Quaran Shariff by Kadir Vali at Makkah

Within a short period Hazrath Yusoof (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) appeared before his real father. Our Sarkar embraced his son and kissed his forehead, initiating his son into the divine order and revealing to him all the mysteries of existence. Our Sarkar-ul-Akthab taught him, trained him and ordained him to be his succession Descendant. Within one night, our Sarkar wrote all the 114 chapter of the Holy Quran. The son recited the Holy Quran and our Sarkar listened to it. Hearing the recitation of Holy Quran our Sarkar was filled with joy.

Photo 11

Our Sarkar traveled many countries and had meetings with many saints and spiritual masters who were alive and those who had discarded their physical bodies, yet being fully alive. In Iraq he went to the Holy Shrine of Hazrath Syedina Imam Hasan (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) and went to Istanbul, and stayed in a mosque called “Aba Soofiya” (St. Sofiya Mosque). Accompanied by his beloved son and followed by his disciples our Sarkar directed his  foot steps towards Baghdad.

They reached in front of Rowla Shariff of Quthub Rabbani Sarkar Syedina Muhaiyadeen Abdul Kadir Jeelani (R. A).

The Auspicious Meeting at Baghdad:

Our Sarkar was meeting with his forefather both in the physical and spiritual sense. This meeting had a great significance. Our Sarkar was the descendant of Quthub Rabbani. He was one of the successors of “Khadhiriya Thareeqa” (Mystic Order) that was formulated by Quthub Rabbani. Thus, this auspicious meeting was both mystic and spiritual. Our Sarkar though living in distant lands was in the habit of visiting Quthub Rabbani by projecting his soul. Now he was physically present paying his homage to the great saint Hazrath Gowdhul Aalam (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

Great truths are shrouded in mystery.  It is beyond our knowledge to explain the reason that our Sarkar and Quthub Rabbani were called by the same name Syed Abdul Kadir. We come across another similarity between these two spiritual saints. It is open knowledge that these two saints performed miracles even at the stage of being embryos in the wombs of their mothers. Then our Sarkar stayed at Kuwait, there he tested his son by growing a dry piece of wooden stick into a bit of tree. It was the habit of great spiritual masters to test their would’ be disciples in many ways. For them it was a converted prize to be enrolled in the roll call of honor. They considered the blessings of their master as the divine light that would wipe out the darkness of “shirk” (infidelity and polytheism) that had enveloped their soul. This prize the initiation into the path “Thareeka” (acquiring mystic order) was not an easy achievement. Our Sarkar too assigned tough exercise of meditation and contemplation of the self.

Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was commanded by our Sarkar to sit in reciting “Dhikr” oblivious of his sensory perception of the external world. Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) obediently sat in intense meditation. The gates of ‘Jannath-ul-Firdhouse’ were flung open. The divine grace of Allah showered on him. He was himself lost in the ‘Divine Essence’. At this stage, miracles are common place occurrences. The very place and the surroundings too become sacred and even the dry regions become fertile. It is no wonder that a dry piece of wooden stick is filled with green leaves and activity. The dry stick that our Hazrath had planted suddenly shot out two green branches filled with green leaves.

Our Sarkar was filled with divine ecstasy, embraced his son and blessed him Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib was initiated in to the path (Thareeka) with the intense practices and exercise of two Thareekas – Kadiriya and Shathariya (mystic orders) Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was on the threshold of beginnings the mystic life long with the regular prayers “Shareeath”.

Arriving India:

At last our Sarkar his son and disciples arrived at the port of Jeddah. Embarking on a ship crossing the Arabian Sea and reaching Kerala coast at Ponnani in South India, our Sarkar took a respite there in a comfortable garden of a wealthy Ponnani merchant called Zainudeen Makdhoom. Here taking ablution he let the water in a particular direction. That part all on a sudden became so fertile that a dried jack tree suddenly blossomed forth and bore fruits.

Then our Sarkar left for Maldives. It was the custom of the local people to offer sacrifices to a “JINN” each year. They drew lots and offered the life of a virgin girl. When our Sarkar was on a visit to Maldives the local inhabitants were making preparations to offer a virgin girl to the “Jinn”. On hearing the request to save the life of that virgin girl and put an end to the atrocities of the “Jinn”, our Sarkar was moved with pity. He waited till the ‘Jinn’ appeared. He caught hold of the ‘Jinn’ pushed it into an empty bottle and sealed it. Then tying a heavy piece of rock to the bottle he flung it into the sea. Thus the people were saved. The virgin too escaped unharmed.

From Maldives our Sarkar reached Kanyakumari and left for Ceylon. In Ceylon he climbed the ‘Adam’s peak’ and witnessed several wonderful spots over there. Our Sarkar sailed across the Pamban straits. He visited the coastal town of Kayalpattinam, Kilakarai, Pattanamari and other towns. Afterwards our Sarkar and his disciples camped at Melappalayam. Here he set for 40 days “Khalwath” (solitude retreat) engaging himself in meditation. Tenkasi was the next place of his visit. In this town some of his disciples out of hunger seized a temple bull of the Hindus, slaughtered it and ate it. Protesting the Hindu devotees of the temple complained to our Sarkar. Expressing regret our Sarkar asked his disciples to gather the bones of the dead bull. Then he assembled the bones of the dead bull into a heap and gave it a gentle tap by his walking stick immediately to the great bewilderment of all the bull came to life and stood alive in front of him. Then our Sarkar proceeded to ‘Pothigai Mountain’ were living several Rishis (hermits). Some had really renounced the earthly desires some other were selfish.

Pseudo-yogis full of earthly desires. Our Sarkar gave this miraculous food producing bowl to his son Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) and was sitting in meditation. The pseudo- yogis were astonished at the miraculous power of the bowl. Without knowledge of any one, two of them stole the bowl, and handed it over to their leader, who buried it below the surface of the earth. At last by the command of our Sarkar, Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) approached the suite where the chief hermit was seated. Hazrath Yusoof Sahib uttered a command. At that very moment tearing open the surface of the ground where it had been buried the bowl appeared. Next moment making a dash it reached in the hands of Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

Hazrath Nathahar Valiyullah & Our Sarkar:

Next place of visit was Tiruchirapalli. Our Sarkar entered into the shrine of Hazrath Thab-le-Aalam Nathahar Valiyullah Badhusa (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).The doors were closed. For three days and nights he was inside the shrine. It is said that the people around heard conversation between these two great saints. There seems to be a communion these two spiritual masters. Then our Sarkar sat 40 days in “Khalwath” (meditation) in front of the Rowla Shariff. Our Sarkar and his disciples continued their travel in the eastern direction. Then they left for Thanjavur.

Photo 12

Sufferings of Thanjavur King:

The king of Thanjavur at that time was Achuthappa Naicker. He was under the spell of sorcery and witchcraft. He suffered from paralysis and was unable to move his legs or hands. The agony was so intense that he could not open his eyes. At that time, the fame of our Sarkar had spread about the saintly nature and the miraculous power of our Sarkar. The King sent his messenger welcoming our Sarkar to his palace. Our Sarkar on his invitation entered the palace. Our Sarkar was moved at the sight of the king who was affected with the incurable diseases. At the first sight, our Sarkar understood the cause and the nature of his illness; he ordered one of his disciples to go straight to a particular portion of the palace and to catch hold of the sickly pigeon. The pigeon was caught and brought before our Sarkar. To the astonishment of everyone who was present there; it was found that the pigeon was in a dying condition with stitching of needles. It was the work of an evil master magician. Our Sarkar gracefully fondled the pigeon and began to remove the needles one by one. There was a corresponding relief in the physique of the monarch. He slowly began to move his limbs. As the last needle was removed he was able to stretch his limbs. Got up stood erect and fell down prostrating before our Sarkar as a mark of salutation and gratitude.

He placed before our Sarkar gold and precious stones as his offerings. Politely declining the offer our Sarkar felt silent .After a few seconds he asked the King if he could spare a few acres of land at a time when he feels it necessary. He added that piece of land would be his abode in future. The king willingly granted a piece of land for his future use. (Our Sarkar’s Shrine Nagore Dargha is built on that particular piece of land that had been granted by King Achuthappa Naicker of Thanjavur).

Moving of Thiruvarur Temple Car:

Then they left Thanjavur then our Sarkar visited Therampettai, Koothanallur, Thirukalachery and halted at Thiruvarur. There was a festival in the local Big Temple. As he was camping there, hundreds and thousands of Hindu devotees of the temple were engaged in drawing their temple car. The car did not move owing to some unknown faults. The Hindu devotees were worried. They approached our Sarkar begging him to make use of his spiritual power to get that car in motion. Our Sarkar told them that the car would move on its own accord and they need not exercise their physical strength to draw the car. As soon as he uttered these words, the big temple car started to move on its own accord.

Mela-Nagore’s Down Fall:

Our Sarkar and his disciples proceeded to Mela-Nagore and halted there .The inhabitants of Mela- Nagore did not give respect to our Sarkar. They did not listen to his brilliant discourses. Though this part of Mela-Nagore was adorned with palatial buildings and magnificent towers the folk cared not to honor our Sarkar. They even scorned and scoffed at him. They harassed him. Our Sarkar had to leave the town. Since he left that town, a curse had fallen on the inhabitants. There was sudden outbreak of epidemics that swept the entire town. There was heavy toll .Drought followed and there were many other calamities. The people fled to other adjoining towns and villages.

Arriving At Nagore:

Then our Sarkar moved into Nagore which was situated on the sea side of Bay of Bengal. There were only a few huts of fisherman. Here at a particular spot, our Sarkar sat in ‘Khalwath’ and was deeply absorbed in it. This sacred spot is presently known as “Chilladi” (Chilla – in Persian language means 40 days of meditation in solitude).

In the state of spiritual exaltation Hazrath Hilur (Alaihivassalam) appeared before our Sarkar. It was revealed that there was a building in Nagore buried underneath a sand dune. Accordingly the servents digged the particular spot and an ancient building with a dug well were found. Now that building is called ‘MUTHUBAK SHARIFF’. It is situated in the north eastern side of Dargha and Hazrath Hilur (Alaihivassalam) pointed out that Allah had ordinate this place to be our Sarkar’s adobe during his stay at Nagore.

Photo 13 & 14

Astral body projection is quite common among those who develop the power of intense concentration and one pointed ness. In the life of our Sarkar traveling across the oceans with the astral body was a common occurrence. For our Sarkar with such a stature of ‘Vilayath’ this sort of projection was a minor event.

On one night Hazrath was seated in ’Chilladi’ in Nagore. At that time there was no building on that site. There was only a sand dune. He left his physical form and his spirit crossing the borders of India reached a place known as ‘Dhaftar Jeelani’ in Ceylon. There is a belief that a divine record was being kept at that holy spot which was situated in the midst of a thick jungle that could not be penetrated easily by human beings. Our Sarkar was received by Hazrath Hilur (Alaihivassalam) the Messenger who has been blessed with life eternal. Our Sarkar was instructed to smear his hand with liquid sandal paste, and he did so. Then according to further instruction he left the impression of his hand on the sacred wall. This imprint was just below the sandal paste hand impression of Hazrath Mahaboob-e- Subhani Syed Muhaiyadeen Shaik Abdul Kadir Jeelani (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).There were other sandals marks just below the hand impression of our Sarkar. There was another significant event on that spot. Our Sarkar was honored with the spiritual title of ‘Khutub-ul-Akthab’. He was presented with an IRON CHAIN. That has miraculous healing powers even today.

Photo 15

The Marriage of Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu):

Days were passing. Our Sarkar felt that his son should get married. Our Sarkar revealed this to his son. But Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) politely expressed his unwillingness. At last our Sarkar persuaded him to accept the proposal. There was wealthy merchant at Mela-Nagore whose name was Khwaja Mahdoom. He had two daughters Syeda Zohara Beevi and Syeda Sulthan Beevi. It was the desire of our Sarkar that his son should marry the first daughter of the wealthy merchant. Yet, he was fully aware of the outcome of this proposal. Khwaja Mahdoom did not give his consent for this proposal out of sheer vanity and pride.  It is a pity that great saints are passed for ordinary human beings. Sugarcane and a bamboo though they have similar appearances are two different objects with totally different properties and qualities. Khwaja Mahdoom committed the blunder unable to realize the greatness and the worth of our Sarkar. He argued that how could his daughter who had been enjoying the comforts of his riches; marry the son of a Fakir who had not worldly possessions and material wealth. Making fun of the nature of the proposal to give his daughter in marriage to the son of our Sarkar, he offended the great saint. On the other hand our Sarkar being the very personification of compassion ignoring the insult of Khwaja Makdhoom quietly moved away from Mela-Nagore.

Khwaja Mahdoom had to pay a heavy price for his vanity and pride. His three ships which were bringing cargoes from distant land sank mysteriously. There were other losses that were too much for him to bear. In fact he became financially bankrupt. Apart from these losses, there was a heavy loss. His first daughter Bibi Zohara on whom he had been showing his affection and love was suddenly seized with fever that proved fatal. The heavy financial losses and the death of his first daughter made him realize the nature of his offence. He became fully aware that these calamities were caused by his refusal to give his first daughter in marriage to the son of the ‘Fakir’ our Sarkar.

Repenting for his past mistakes he brought his second daughter Syeda Sulthan Beevi to the adobe of our Sarkar who was at that moment camping at Nagore. He politely offered to give his daughter in marriage to Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). Our Sarkar forgiving Makdhoom’s past refusal arranged for his son’s marriage. The town was decorated. On the particular day of ‘Nikkah’ (wedding) was solemnized. The next day Syeda Sulthan Beevi had come into the bride-groom’s residence. Eight children, six male and two female children were born to Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) and Syeda Sulthan Beevi and it is from these children, genealogy of Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) originated. This publisher is the 10th descendant of Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

Visit to Burma:

Later one day our Sarkar embarked on a ship and landed at the port of Darnacheri (Tenassarism) in Burma. The Burmese Buddhist took a hostile attitude towards our Sarkar who was preaching the truth. Then take place a miracle. The Burmese idols suddenly became articulate they began to praise the greatness of Islam. Then the Burmese accepted the teachings of the Holy Quran and embraced Islam.

They had developed so much of affection to our Sarkar that they were stubbornly opposing the proposal of our Sarkar to leave Burma. Our Sarkar at last agreed to spend the rest of his life on the Burmese soil. The last moment of his earthly existence was approaching. On particular day he passed away. The residents gave a decent burial to his holy body.  In fact resurrection took place. our Sarkar rose from his grave and walked away without anybody’s knowledge. At last he returned to Nagore.

The Chilladi:

On one occasion our Sarkar stayed at a site where ‘Chilladi’ is now situated .Our Sarkar was having a shave done by a barber. Our Sarkar was holding a mirror in his hand .He began to gaze intently into the mirror. Next instant there was no mirror in his hand. He had flung in the direction of the Bay of Bengal. The mirror had vanished. Those around him were perplexed at the strange behavior of our Sarkar.

Later events showed that a Dutch ship was on her way to Nagapattinam Port. At a little distance from the shore that ship had been caught in the midst of sudden storm that caused a big hole on the bottom of the ship. Unable to check the inflow of the sea water had been flooding the ship the captain and the crew feared that the ship might get drowned. They had lost all hopes. At the critical moment some one on board the ship suggested the name and help of our Sarkar he invoked. The captain and crew did so. What a miracle! The inflow of the sea water suddenly crossed. The ship was saved. There was smooth sailing towards the port of Nagapattinam. At that moment the crew and the passengers were not aware of the miracle that took place answering their prayers to our Sarkar to save their lives. It was at that very moment, our Sarkar had flung the mirror that had made its way to the ship and got stuck at the bottom where there had been a hole, thus blocking sea water entering into the ship.

The ship had anchored at Nagapattinam port. Our Sarkar sent his son Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) and some of his disciples to collect the mirror. Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was received warmly by the crew and the passengers of the ship. The crew and the passengers offered some offering to him with the mirror. Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib received and brought them to his father. Our Sarkar said that ‘From this day onwards the offerings must be received by the descendant and not by any one else. And they were alone entitled to be the beneficiaries’.

Photo 16 & 17

At that time Nagapattinam was under the Dutch rule. The Dutch officers had misgivings and doubts about our Sarkar. They asked if the Sarkar could bring forth with bunches of green cardamom from East Iindies. Our Sarkar smiled. Next instant there was a bunch of green cardamom in his hands. He gracefully offered the bunch to the Dutch authorities.

Khalwath at Vanjore:

Going to Vanjore 2 km distance from Nagore in northern side, our Sarkar asked the people there, to dig a trench in the ground for him. Then he got into it and remained in ‘Khalwath’ for 40 days.

Photo 18

Our Sarkar’s Teachings and Instructions:

Our Sarkar lived 18 years with his parents 10 years in search of his spiritual master, 12 years undertaking the mission of preaching Islam in far wide and different lands and 28 years residing at Nagore. Our Sarkar had now realized that the time was drawing near for him to pass away from physical world. His son was informed. At that time Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was 40. He had 8 children in all 6 male and 2 female. The eight children were respectively:

Hazrath Shah Baba Fakrudeen Sahib

Hazrath Shah Hameed-ul-Ashikeen Sahib

Hazrath Shah Sulthan Kabeer Sahib

Hazrath Shah Sulthan Hakkani Sahib

Hazrath Shah Sulthan Noordin Kamil Sahib

Hazrath Shah Sulthan Sagheer Sahib (This Publisher is from)

Hazrath Syeda Bibi Zohara

Hazrath Syeda Bibi Fathima.

One day our Sarkar called his son Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) and said “My dear son, my work is done. I am leaving for the next leg of the journey death. That is the last resort of existence. That means the beginning of the next world. Great poet like Hazrath Jalaudeen Roomi (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) has compared this earthly existence to the passing away you come from a lodge to some other place of residence. We came we lived and we pass away. We know the in and out of coming and going. So a man who knows never regrets death”.

We long for certain things. Those things were rewarded in death alone. In death heavenly gates are flung open and anything which seems impossible in this earthly life becomes possible. If we follow the divine path in this life it will go along with us .We will enter the divine dominion in the rarefied place where causes are born. This earth is a place where profit and losses are gathered. People forget this and find themselves, Alas! a loss at a place where nothing could be done. Death is the revealer of truth, for the high and the mighty the same is true to the weak and the low. Even the great Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam) had followed the path. Now I follow. I will not be away from you. I will be much nearer to you. I am not leaving a great fortune to you in the wordy sense. On the other hand, an asset much greater in importance and value is left behind you. You may wonder what it is. You have seen me living. That life is borrowed from the life and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad (Sallalahu-Alaihi-Wassalam). If you follow that life you will enter the heavenly gates.

The things we know as mind the thought is ourself. In the core of the mind is the physical body. The nature of the physique is the desire of the senses. The minds falter, as it tries to satisfy the needs of senses. The mind searches for the soul, to escape from the worldly troubles. We surely need the help of Guru, in this advent. One who is not under the guidance of Guru is under the guidance of satan. The Preceptor never looks at the personality of his disciple whether he or she, but he deeply observes the disciples heart of heart. He leads the disciple’s soul unto everlasting bliss. He realizes there needs and necessities considering them as his sons and daughters, he will lead them to the presence of Almighty Allah.  The thirst of the mind is wisdom. Wisdom is boundless and there’s no periphery for it. Search for wisdom. Bow down the feet of a Guru in submittance.

Worldly deeds are nothing but dust.

Make your worldly life humble.

Don’t worry about, what you don’t receive or achieve in your life.

Be content with what you receive.

Analyze and ponder over the golden words of the Holy Quran and Hadis.

There surely is and end to each and everything that lives and moves.

Give high preference to search for Almighty and push everything else behind it.

Never mingle with the people who are after worldly desires. Even though they look like humans, they are like animals in reality. They care about themselves only.

You join the virtuous who understand the Shariath with Hakeekath, the outer and inner meaning of the Divine Ordains.

Realizing in the thought of Almighty, every moment is Prayer.

Controlling the desires of the senses and awakening the soul is Fasting.

Not caring for the worldly wealth is Jakkath.

Walking in the right direction of the Almighty is Hajj.

The final destination of the religion is to understand the fact that the seeker and the sought after, the needy and the provider are one and the same is the Kalima.

“After I cease my last breathing to take my adobe in the other world you need not feel sad, For Allah is with you. You will see clouds showering a downpour of pure water. This water alone must be used for my funeral bath. Then you uncover a particular spot, in ‘Muthbaq’ in which spot, you find ‘Kafan’ (cloth for funeral) and other necessities for my funeral. I shall also show you the place where my parting final bath should be performed and also the place where in I should be interred”. He added, “My dear son, you need not feel sad now. On the early morning of the third day of my demise after your ‘Subuhu’ prayer come to my Ziyarath and convey your Salam to me. I will answer you Insha- Allah. If you get an answer in reply to your Salam you can stay here (Nagore) permanently with your family. You and your descendants will be getting bounties and benefits from Almighty Allah by the offerings (Nazar-Niaz-Kanikkai) the people bring to my tomb. It will be so until the last day. If there is no reply from me, then you may leave from Nagore and go anywhere you like”. These were the last worldly worlds of our Sarkar. The greatest and the highest ranking saint of south India who had attained the greatest spiritual excellence in his life time.

Our Sarkar’s Demise:

Our Sarkar’s entire life’s duration was devoted serving the cause of Islam, spreading the divine revelations of our Holy Quran and Al-Hadis. Numerous souls had been reformed and purified by his thoughts and teachings and many people were enthralled by his miracles. After fulfilling his divine mission on this earth his soul departed to seek his abode in the hereafter on Friday early morning, the 10th day of Jamath-ul-Akhir, 978 of Hijri equal to the year 1570 A.D.

Our Sarkar’s last rites were performed strictly in accordance with his last instruction (vasiyaht).Clouds had assembled in the sky pouring water for the funeral bath. After washing the holy body at a particular spot which is presently known as “Yahussain Palli”, the Holy Body was laid to rest. Then the funeral prayer (Janaza prayer) was conducted at a particular spot which is presently known as ‘Peer Mandapam’ (This building was built by the Dutch Authorities who ruled Nagapattinam at that time). At last his holy body was laid to rest at the spot indicated by our Sarkar when he was alive. Now that spot is the Rowla Shariff of our Sarkar.

Photo 19, 20, 21

On the third day after our Sarkar’s obsequies, his beloved son Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) standing at the foot side of our Sarkar’s shrine respectfully conveyed his Salam to his father our Sarkar. To the astonishment of all who assembled there, the voice of the Sarkar Ya Kadir   hails forth from the tomb clearly and is echoed from the corners of the sky loudly ‘Wa Alaikum Salam to my Son!’ This phenomenon signifies that the Sarkar lives forever giving answers to those who approach him for benefaction though he was renounced the physical body. As the words from the tomb ceased out, rejoicing voices of the crowd cleaved the sky.




After our Sarkar’s demise, his 404 disciples got the permission from Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) their Kalifa to leave Nagore to travel far and wide in different parts on India preaching the sacred message of Islam and at the same time engaging in the spiritual exercises of self contemplation. With the permission of Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) the fisherman dwelling on the sea side put up a thatched roof above the shrine of our Sarkar.

First Kandoori / Urus Festival:

The next year the first day of Jamath-ul-Akhir the 404 Fakirs arrived at Nagore, Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) receiving them warmly provided them with food and shelter. On the first day of Jamath-ul-Akhir the flag was hoisted on a flag post, the ceremony that lasted for 14 days. In the 10th day Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) anointed sandal paste on the Mazar-e-Shariff of our Sarkar. Then he recovered it with a piece of pure white cloth.

From the next year onwards the residents of Nagapattinam brought the flags in a procession to Nagore that was hoisted marking the beginning of Kandoori festival that lasted for 14 days and also ‘Koodu – Thabooth’ on 10th night accordingly, there is doing so till now

After taking part in the ceremonies the disciples took leave of Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). They were provided with cash and kind on the eve of departure by Hazrath Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). Usually they are coming every year camp for a month and received “Barathi” (cash and kind) till to date.

The news of our Sarkar’s demise spread overseas. The Burmese king ruling the territory of Baranden had been a devotee of our great saint. On hearing the news, he sent a gift wooden box bearing the name of Sarkar Syed Shahul Hameed (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).This box containing a piece of fine silk cloth to cover the holy tomb sandal wood sticks and a letter caught in a wild storm. The ship sank. Yet the wooden box reached the destination floating all the way to Nagore sea side.

Judgement of Thirumalai Chetty:

Thirumalai Chetty was a civil servant in charge of the Dutch government mint of Malakka. He forged some counterfeit coins and these coins came into circulation along with the original coins. He was caught prosecuted in a court of law and was about to the judgment. But the judge having written the judgment had not made it public by reading the judgment in the court room. In the mean while Thirumalai Chetty confined in lonely cell in the jail was fully aware of his fate that awaited him. All other means of saving his life had failed. There was only one hope divine intercession. He invoked the help of our Sarkar and kept repeating his name. He was repenting for his past mistakes and was begging forgiveness for his sins.

Next day the judge taking his seat in the court room began reading the judgment. To his surprise and to surprise of every one who had gathered in the court room the judgment turned out to be a quitting Thirumalai Chetty. The judgment once passed is final and irrevocable. So Thirumalai Chetty was acquitted. It was a miracle. As a mark of his gratitude Thirumalai Chetty sent his greetings sandal woods, askar woods and camphor in a ship and let it float on the sea without captain and crew. The ship sailed smoothly towards Bay of Bengal sea coast and reached safely at Nagapattinam port. Those goods were made use of in the construction of the inner portion of Nagore Dargha Shariff.

Raya Kunjali Maricar’s Pride:

Raya Kunjali Maricar was a proud wealthy man. Under the Dutch rule he was enjoying a number of privileges. He had high social standing. At that time Muslims as well as non-Muslims kept going to our Sarkar seeking his blessings. Maricar became very jealous. He spoke ill of our Sarkar and also laughed at his devotees. The divine law began to take its course and he was affected with cancer in his mouth. The cancer began to take roots despite the expert doctor’s treatment. Maricar became aware of the divine curse.

Syed Makhdam was Maricar’s best friend. He made the cancer patient sit in a palanquin and brought him before our Sarkar. Repenting for his past sins Maricar was shedding tears and begging the saint’s forgiveness. Our saint spat into his mouth. He was cured.

First Construction:

Every day the inflow of offerings was increasing. The fisherman erected walls around the shrine. With permission of Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) the dome was built just above the shrine by Raya Kunjali Maricar. At a later period another dome bigger in size was built just above the said dome.

Photo 22, 23

Demise of Hazrath Yusoof Sahib:

Days passed. On hearing the fame of our Sarkar large number of people started to migrate into Nagore. Now that village had grown into a small town. At that time Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) was 94 years old. He had a large number of grandsons and grand daughters. He made the necessary arrangement for their livelihood and also did not fail to initiate them into the path. His last days were approaching. Calling his sons daughters grandsons and granddaughters to his bedside he spoke his last words. Advising them on worldly matters and religious matters, he asked them that Allah would be merciful to them. Also that they would be receiving the blessing of their Grand-Father Sarkar Shahul Hameed (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu). He passed away on 2nd Dhul Haj 1032(1632 A.D).

The six sons and two daughters of Hazrath Syed Muhammad Yusoof Sahib (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu) were married to 6 daughters and 2 sons of Syed Bahavudeen Suharavardi of Mela-Nagore.

After his father’s demise the eldest son Hazrath Bava Fakhrudeen Sahib became the head of the family. The entire income was divided equally into 8 shares to six brothers and one mother, two half shares to two sisters. Retiring from his family life Hazrath Bava Fakhrudeen Sahib undertook the mission of spreading the message of Islam in the further south. His shrine is now known as Kattu Bava Pallivasal in Thirumayam taluk Pudukottai district.

Photo 24

Afterwards succeeding his elder brother Hazrath Hameedhul Aashikeen Sahib became the head of the family. After some time he too became a hermit. His shrine is now known as Natham in Dindigul District. Then Hazrath Sulthan Kabir Sahib became the head of the family and managed it. This publisher is coming from sixth branch of the family.

Construction of Minarets:

  1. Ibrahim Khan of Gingee built the first Minaret (Minara) according to a vow. That minaret is known as ‘Sahib Minara’. The height is 77 feet.

Photo 25

Gingee Ibrahim Khan also built a dome in the centre of the Dargha. So it is called ‘Nadu-                                                 Mandapam’. The year of construction was 1055 Hijri.

Photo 26

  1. This minaret was constructed by Nalla Syed Maricar of Nagapattinam. This minaret is located at the head side of our Sarkar’s Rowla Shariff. So it is called Thalaimattu Minara. Height is 93 ½ feet.  Year of construction was 1100 Hijri.

Photo 27

3.         Peer Nainar a friend of Nagapattinam Nalla Syed Maricar at Malacca built the third minaret.  This is called Muthubaq Minara. This minaret is built near Muthubaq Shariff. The height of this minaret is 93 ¼ feet. It was built in Hijri 1110th year.

Photo 28

  1. Justice Dawood Khan of Parngi Pettai wanted to construct a minaret as his offerings and he built the fourth Minaret. This Minaret is called “Ootu Minara” height is 80 feet. Year of construction was Hijri 1128.

Photo 29

  1. Thanjavur was under the rule of Maratha Kings (Maharashtrains). It was the time when Maratha King Prathap Singh was the monarch of Thanjavur. He had no issue and appeared knowing a great deal about our Sarkar-ul-Akthab. He prayed our Sarkar and took a vow that he would build a monument if he were blessed with a son. He was blessed with a male issue and the child was named Thulasi (later known as Thulasi  a). He undertook a massive construction and the big minaret took shape. He raised the present massive minaret. This huge structure is presently known as “Big Minara”. The unique feature of this minaret is that it has the Maharashtra architectural design with four sides while retaining the Islamic pattern of architectural design of a pucca minaret. It was built in 1177 Hijri year. The height of the minaret is 131 feet. It is taller than the other 4 minarets.

Photo 30

The Grand Annual Kandoori / Urus Festival:

The anniversary of our Sarkar Ya Kadir   is celebrated every year for 14 days commencing from the first day in the month of Jamath-ul-Akhir Hijri year. The Annual Grand Kandoori Festival – Urus attracts thousands of pilgrims from Ceylon, Burma, Malaysia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Indonesia, Mauritius, Bangladesh and other countries.

On the first day evening about 8.30 p.m after reciting Fathiha the flags are hoisted on the 5 minaret simultaneously. These flags are usually brought in a procession from Nagapattinam on that same evening. The flags are kept in well decorated chariots and are drawn by innumerable devotees.

The 10th night is the most important night of the Kandoori festival. On that auspicious occasion the Koodoo – Thabooth containing sandal paste is taken in procession starting from Nagapattinam covering 8 kilometers and reaching Nagore. The koodo is taken along the streets of Nagore till it reaches the entire destination the southern entrance Kalmattu vassal of Nagore Dargha in the early hours at about 4.30 am the holy sandal is anointed on the Holy Mazar-e-Shariff.

The 14th night is the last day. On that night at about 8.30 pm the flags are dismounted after completing the ceremonial rite of reciting the Holy Quran.

Photo 31, 32, 33, 34

The Earth’s Heaven – Nagore Dargha Shariff:

The Nagore Dargha has 4 main entrances namely

Alankara Vasal in West,

Thaliamattu Vasal in North,

Kilakku Vassal in East,

Kalmattu Vasal in South

Photo 35, 36, 37, 38

The total area of Dargha is 194790 square feet. The other buildings of the Dargha were constructed by different kinds of people in different times. Then the Maratha King of Thanjavur endowed the village called ’Elakadambanoore’ as his Gift. Then Thulasi  a presented 14 other villages to Dargha as his Gift.

The Redeemer of Faiths and Creeds – The Sarkar Ya Kadir   of Nagore:

The miracles of the Sarkar have not stopped with his demise but continue down to the present day. The Dargha is an object of great veneration not only for Muslims but also for other communities. On every Thursday large number of devotees assembles in Dargha Shariff with their offerings to our Sarkar Ya Kadir   (Rali-Allahu-Thala-Anhu).

Nagore Dargha CONTINUES TO BE A CENTRE BOTH RELIGIOUS AND PSYCHIC. Maladies both physical and mental are being cured. It is a common sight that people return home with smiling faces having the desires fulfilled. There is a beacon light that guides those who are caught in the midst of a storm. To those who are desperately struggling in stress and strife of life, here is a hand that lifts them up to the heights of peace and joy. This is the place where prayers are answered. And this is the place where desires are got fulfilled. This is where thirst of the spirit is quenched. The mysterious forces of the great Sarkar envelope all those devotees who set foot on the sacred premises and a Spiritual Lightning flashes on them. There is a dawn. There is guidance along with the ‘Right Path’, all glory to Almighty Allah, the Most Compassionate and the Most Merciful.




Compiled and Published by: H. K. Syed Yusoof Sahib

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