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Haji Muhally H.K. Syed Yusoof Sahib ………………………………No. 2 Dargha Kulam East St.

Hereditary Direct Decedent, Sajjadha Nasheen,                              Nagore – 611 002

Atheenam & Share Holder – Nagore Dargha                                      Tamil Nadu

Managing Trustee of Ya Kadir Charitable Trust Nagore               India

Director Rotary Club Nagore                                                             Mobile: (0091) 94 865 89 786

Email: hksahib@gmail.com,         hksahib@yahoo.com Website: nagoredargha.com



Dear Brothers and Sisters, Assalamu Alaikkum (Varah..),

I feel pleasure to informing you that the Annual Grand Kandoory (Urus) Festival of My Grand Father Halarath Kadir Vali (RA) is to commence from 22nd APR and to conclude on 5th May 2012.

The Great Halarath Syed Abdul Kadir Shahul Hameed Badhusha Sahib (RA) commonly known as Halarath Kadir Vali – Nagore Andavar is the Direct Hereditary Decedent of Halarath Prophet Mohamed (SAW) came to south India to reform, preach and simulate the true doctrines of Islam. The fame of the holy saint spread throughout the world the poor and the distressed people flocked to him for blessing, comfort and solace. The Miracles of the Holy saint had not stopped with his demise, but continues to the present day.

The people of all religion are visiting Nagore Dargha daily to get the blessings of the Holy Saint with out any distinction. The Nagore Dargha is an object of Great veneration not only for Muslims but also for people of other religions.

I am being Direct 11th Hereditary Decedent of Halarath Kadir Vali (RA) cordially invite you with all family members and friends to take part in the gracious holy ceremonies. Please inform me well in advance so that I shall be able to make all necessary arrangements for your comfort.

If you are unable to attend kindly let me know your inner hearty desires so that I may beseech on your behalf before Halarath Kadir Vali (RA) to pray to fulfill your all inner most desires. I wish you can take part in this auspicious Festival and Fathiha of Halarath Kadir Vali (R.A.) by informing me your details by Phone or Email  and fulfill your vows as thousand’s of people do who are unable to attend personally the holy shrine.

I am praying daily at Dargha Shariff for you and for your family members at the time of my attendance in the Durbar of Halarath Kadir Vali (RA). Please inform your dearer and nearer once about this holy cause and enable them to join in this Kandoory Festival. Please convey my salams and dua to your family members and friends. Please do remember me for any service relating to holy shrine because you have got spiritual relation with me through Halarath Kadir Vali (R.A.) which will remain for ever.

Festival Days

22-April-2012             Sunday           09.00 Pm        Mounting of Flag

01-May-2012              Tuesday          11.00 Pm        Sandal Procession

02-May-2012              Wednesday     04.00 Am        Urus – Anointment of Sandal

05-May-2012              Saturday          08.30 Pm         Dismounting of Flag

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